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Jean Alexander | Bio


I have painted for most of my life. About 15 years ago, I discovered that you could create a painting with tiny pieces of stained glass. Later, I learned to paint with glass powders and enamels. I loved the fact that mosaics and stained glass painting are ancient arts that can be adapted to modern techniques and subjects. I sought out and worked under the tutelage of some of the world’s most accomplished contemporary glass artists.


My focus is bringing life to human faces painted in glass. Portraiture excites me. It is like magic. Light and shadow alone can create form. Flat surfaces become three dimensional. Finding exactly where the light is reflected in the eye, can capture a persons spirit and finding where it is absorbed into the valleys of the face can create the unique texture of the skin. I love the moment when I see someone looking back at me that I recognize. A collection of shapes becomes a person that I know. 

My portfolio includes stained glass mosaics, kiln-cast glass sculpture and glass paintings. Currently, I am using traditional stained glass painting techniques, sometimes combined with glass fusing; melding the old and new in a 1500 degree kiln. I paint people, known and unknown, that strike an emotional chord in me. I want my work to tell a story or to inspire the viewer to imagine what the story might be. 

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